What’s in a Birthday? Everyone loves birthdays. You simply cannot go wrong with a relevant and meaningful birthday email campaign. In fact, a birthday email campaign is one of the classic low effort but high ROI strategies. Why? Because generally, people are inclined to spend more during their birthdays. Hence, they would be more open to purchasing what you have to offer. Don´t believe us? Take a look at the stats below (We are going to let the numbers do the talking). Gathering Birthday Information Continue

This week has been exciting for email marketers. The Email Evolution Conference, that took place in Miami during February 2-4 has gathered the great email and digital marketing minds to discuss email’s future. There were great discussions on important topics such as engagement and the importance of mobile email. We followed these amazing discussions on Twitter (follow us @maileeme) and selected a few of our favorite tweets: When a user reports something as Not Spam in Gmail it is heard loud and clear at Google. Continue